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It is a true delight to say I am a best-selling international artist and author of nine books written to inspire others through art, nature, and a positive outlook on life. My books have been in the US, Canada, England, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Australia as well as numerous domestic and independent bookstores and even in airports! My coloring books have also been in The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as in The Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

My books have been featured in the Allen Image magazine (where I was also on the cover in Feb 2016), the Dallas Morning News, numerous art blogs, Mantra Wellness Magazine, ACTV Spotlight and Mayo Minute, a video from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of coloring. I have been interviewed by Rodale Wellness (Prevention Magazine/Women's Health Magazine), Shape Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, and written for Mantra Wellness Magazine.

Author pages: W.W. Norton

Countryman Press


Photo courtesy of Natalia Zamarripa Photography

Holding a book in your hand is an invitation to explore within and beyond the self.

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