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Why "Cherthefire"?

Fire has always been a source of warmth and light, intertwined with the symbolism of inspiration, illumination, passion and creativity. Just as a candle can light another without diminishing its own light,  spreading more brightness into the world, I believe we all have the ability to share our personal illuminating qualities just by being ourselves. It only takes a small brilliant source to light up a cavern, or the soft glow of a nightlight to allow one to find their way, or a single radiating beam to be a lighthouse. I like to imagine when each person glimmers who they are within, it is the invitation to sit by the campfire or hearth, burn brightly, under the stars magnetizing goodness in others; hence, we can all share (Cher) the fire.

I believe that all studies and experiences are meant to be integrated, each leading to the next experience, like stepping stones on a journey; therefore I am always learning and encouraging others to do the same - be inspired, go with the flow, fall in love with each new adventure, and gather the golden nuggets that lead to personal treasures. 

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I'm Cher Kaufmann, CA, LMT, MTI.

I am curious, curly and creative. Yes, I am truly all these things. 


I am an author, artist, illustrator, surface designer, instructor, inspirational presenter, massage therapist/massage therapist instructor, certified aromatherapist, and budding tea enthusiast. My eclectic background includes studies as a Reiki Master and teacher, Chinese face reading, Ayurveda, Five Element Theory, homeopathy, photography, music, energetic modalities, and esoteric teachings. Over the years, I fine tuned my ability as an Intuitive, allowing me to "tune-in" to other's energy patterns. I've dipped into the world of tea, and obtained level I and II of the Specialty Tea Institute's Certified Tea Specialist program. But, my greatest interest lies within the innate patterns of nature, people, places and things.

My observational studies began in childhood with my fascination with patterns and an interest in art (though my parents say they noticed observation skills before I was a year old). I have memories of studying the natural designs of birds, lizards, rocks, plants and other natural phenomenon, including participating in a University of Arizona archaeological dig in southern Arizona for a full school year at the age of twelve. In college, I studied art, writing and photography. However, my interest in the patterns of how human nature is connected to belief systems and body patterns had me seriously considering a degree in theology and then becoming a doctor of chiropractic. Ultimately, I pursued massage therapy as a means of study and to reach people.  

I have authored nine books, thus far, from coloring books to instructional meditative drawing to essential oils and aromatherapy. I have taught to packed classes both online and in person, participated on mindfulness panels and been invited to professional and private organizations as a speaker.


My published coloring books have been featured in the Allen Image magazine (where I was also on the cover in Feb 2016), the Dallas Morning News, numerous art blogs, Mantra Wellness Magazine, ACTV Spotlight and Mayo Minute, a video from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of coloring. I have also been interviewed by Rodale Wellness (Prevention Magazine/Women's Health Magazine) interviewed been on several radio programs as well..

My essential oil book, Nature's Essential Oils, is the basis for articles and interviews in Shape Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, and Mantra Magazine.

I illustrated coloring books for The Historic Downtown Association of Plano, Plano Magazine, Visit Plano, The City of Southlake, and Countryman Press catalog cover as well for independent commissions and commercial logos.

For several years I combined my interest in art and tea into beautifully handcrafted journals and books. I used the botanical process of natural tea and tisane dyes, as well as ecoprinting natural patterns, complete with hand binding and designing original art on these one-of-a-kind "functional art" books. (I love these books!)

My linocut relief print, Spring's Invitation, was published in the Summer 2021, Issue #50 of the artcentric periodical, Uppercase Magazine.

I still teach through video programming available on YouTube for beginner colorists and those interested in Meditative Drawing, as well as participated in other commercial and commissioned video projects.

My husband and I produced a video program series on the subject of tea - the world's second most consumed beverage other than water - before the pandemic, but it has not been released yet.

My visual storytelling through Instagram, and my official author Facebook page showcase current works.

Whew! If you made it through all of that, you might be as curious as I am!

OH, and I live with my family in Texas, but I don't wear cowboy boots with shorts (because, I'm sure you're wondering).