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Photo courtesy of Cher Kaufmann

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I'm Cher Kaufmann, CA, MTI, retired LMT.

I am curious, curly, and creative. Yes, I am all these things. 


I am an author, artist, illustrator, surface designer, instructor, and inspirational presenter. My greatest interest lies within the innate patterns of nature, people, places, and things. 


My eclectic background includes studies as a Reiki Master and teacher, Chinese face reading, Certified Aromatherapist, Ayurveda, Five Element Theory, homeopathy, photography, music, energetic modalities, and esoteric teachings. Over the years, I fine-tuned my ability as an Intuitive, allowing me to "tune in" to others' energy patterns. I was a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 20 years. I also obtained levels I and II of the Specialty Tea Institute's Certified Tea Specialist program. 

Why "Cher the fire"?

Fire has always been a source of warmth and light, intertwined with the symbolism of inspiration, illumination, passion, and creativity. Just as a candle can light another without diminishing its own light, spreading more brightness into the world, you have the ability to share your personal illuminating qualities just by being yourself. It only takes a small brilliant source to light up a cavern, the soft glow of a nightlight to allow one to find their way, or a single radiating beam to be a lighthouse.


When you express your creative side, you glimmer from within, and a light shines (it's true - lookup bioluminescence) - you are your own flame; hence we can all share (Cher) the fire.

The Art 

Cher the Fire is here to bring reflections of the natural world through art and symbolism to your home, reminding you of the delicate details and enormous complexity of nature are more than just what you see. Each design and pattern has a story, a meaning, and an extension of what you see and feel, allowing you to express yourself. Art is representative!

Creative Personalities

All your studies and experiences are meant to be integrated, each leading to the next experience, like stepping stones on a journey; therefore we can always be learning and encourage others to do the same - be inspired, go with the flow, fall in love with each new adventure, and gather the golden nuggets that lead to personal treasures. 

Cher the FIre provides a free downloadable guide to discovering the importance of the what and why of personality influence in our creativity - be that art, baking, gardening, sewing, or picking the right design for the couch pillow, kitchen towel, or wall hanging. Check for dates for the online Creative Personality workshop or sign up for the newsletter to keep updated.

Publications and Collaborations

My published coloring books have been featured in the Allen Image magazine (where I was also on the cover in Feb 2016), the Dallas Morning News, numerous art blogs, Mantra Wellness Magazine, ACTV Spotlight, and Mayo Minute, a video from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of coloring.

My essential oil book, Nature's Essential Oils, is the basis for articles and interviews in Shape Magazine, Experience Life Magazine, and Mantra Magazine.

I illustrated coloring books for The Historic Downtown Association of Plano, Plano Magazine, Visit Plano, The City of Southlake, and Countryman Press catalog cover as well for independent commissions and commercial logos.

I also do freelance, as well art licensure.

My visual storytelling through Instagram, and my official author Facebook page showcases current works.

Whew! If you made it through all of that, you might be as curious as I am!

OH, and I live with my family in Texas, but I don't wear cowboy boots with shorts (because I'm sure you're wondering).

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