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Books and Journals

"The amazing element about artfully creating a book with a botanical process is the sentient feeling in each step: The life of the paper with the life of the tea, the designs on the cover, the details on bookmarks...every part is acknowledged and the book responds with a vibration to find its owner."

Elke's book cover1_edited.jpg

Thumbprints (approx. 2"x2") Tea Dye or Eco Print Process on thick 160-pound drawing paper $25

Intimate (approx. 3"x3") Tea Dye or Eco Print Process on thick 160-pound drawing paper $35

Concertina (approx. 4"x4") Botanical, modified ecoprint books on thick 160-pound drawing paper bound in concertina (accordion) style $35

Art Block (approx. 4"x4") Botanical, modified ecoprint books on thick 160-pound drawing paper $50

Romantic (approx. 5"x4") Tea Dye or Eco Print Process and Botanical, modified ecoprint on thick 160-pound drawing paper $85

Stonedula (approx. 6"x6") Tea Dye and Hand painted Process and/or Botanical, modified ecoprint on thick 160-pound drawing paper $110

Guardian (approx. 8"x6") Tea Dye Process and Botanical, modified ecoprint on thick 160-pound drawing paper $150

Creatives (approx. 10"x8") Tea Dye or Eco Print Process on thick 160-pound drawing paper $210

Shipping and insurance not included in price, and is added once book is complete.

Average ship/insurance charge is $10 for small and $15 for Medium, $18 for large.

Custom books and Wait list - requires 50% deposit.

Contact Cher directly to see what one-of-a-kind books are available (they are constantly rotating). See instagram for many of her current and past creations.

Botanical and Tea Dye Journals

  • Every book is totally one-of-a-kind (each is unique in the incredible way the tea, tisane*, hibiscus, and other botanicals design themselves on the paper).

  • Books are created with a variety of natural botanical processes, including dye baths, ecoprinting, and modified ecoprinting.

  • Each page is hand cut to size, hand dyed, air dried, pressed and then arranged for the book before the cover is considered.

  • Each cover is custom cut, designed and assembled according the pages assembled.

  • Every book is hand sewn with one or two different color threads.

  • Each book may take from a few days (no tea dye) to several weeks (botanical or tea dye) to complete. Books are done in batches over 1-3 weeks, depending on how big the batch of books are being created.

  • The tea dye and botanical process and paper prep alone takes up to 3 days to complete. Covers take 3-4 days to complete.

  • The paper is 160# drawing paper that can handle pen, pencil and some wet media (clearly it absorbs color and deeply penetrates to the other side, so keep in mind for watercolor or marker applications). Other papers used include 100% cotton woven papers.

  • Covers may be sealed with a clear coat protection, which may deepen the cover colors. However, many are left unsealed to invite the new owner to add to the decoration of the cover by drawing or adding to the cover.

  • A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies every book in the back.

  • All books are hand stamped.

  • Built in book marks are part of the design and are adorned with various stones, beads or charms.

  • One note, hibiscus is a mysterious botanical dye and may change over time from pinks to purples to grey blues...There's no way to know how each book will react to time, sunlight or other mediums - which makes it part of the gloriousness of the ever-evolving dynamics of the book - It may change as you do. This also applies to all other botanical imprints, tisanes and teas on the pages.

  • Book binding designs are based on 3rd century Ethiopian coptic stitching, unless noted, such as a French Link.

  • Book binding allow for books to open flat for ease of drawing, writing and exploring the designs.

  • Sizes are approximate due to the hand crafted nature and custom cut with each step.

  • These beautiful books are meant to be used, explored, filled, and have been described as "amazing functional art."

  • Custom books are available for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, inspiration, proposals, just because, memory books, and more. Advanced notice is required.


*A tisane is any herbal concoction such as bark, leaves, petals, flowers, stems, roots and powders used for medicinal purposes and drinking enjoyment. The American people call tisane "herbal tea", but there is no official tea (Camellia sinensis) in the drink, unless added.

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