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Linocut / Relief Prints


Photo courtesy of Cher Kaufmann, featured in Uppercase Magazine, Issue #50, Summer 2021

After twenty-five plus years of not carving, I picked up this medium like I never left! So much fun! Linocut, and/or relief printing, is carving out of a surface leaving "mountains and valleys" where ink can be rolled onto the mountains, then imprinted to paper. The trick with this medium is it is backward. The impressions left behind are a mirror image of the carving, much like a stamp.

I have since been published in Uppercase Magazine (image left), created relief print commissions, and used her prints in surface design patterns and more. To see the surface pattern designs inspired by this print, click here

To see more of my linocut and relief prints that are for purchase, you can check out my Instagram or my shop (coming soon).

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