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The Personality of Spring

(orginally posted in a newsletter May 2022)

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is now. It's hard to imagine to those of us in the States that it is heading into the Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

So while I talk about spring, it is the general spring, relative to those experiencing it in their own timeline. Spring is always spring, no matter what hemisphere.

Spring, represents new life, rebirth, and action, as the seedlings burst through the soil, as well as gentleness as the new leaves need to be tended to.

Spring represents a delicate, yet sturdy balance of survival and hope.

I have a bunny who lives on my back porch. "We" mostly have an understanding of what plants she can and can not eat. If I leave tender seedlings in starter pots on the porch before putting them into the ground for too long, she'll honor my boundaries - until she doesn't.

She's a reminder that wanting/talking about something, but not taking action, can result in missed opportunities for one person, and a prime opportunity for another.

Spring has a personality of both waking up, stretching, taking one's time with a morning cup of tea, perhaps reading the (dare I say) newspaper or affirmations to open the mind... but don't wait too long or your morning will be gone.

Spring is the invitation.

Spring gives cool mornings, bright greens, tendrils of anticipation, color to excite us, and aromas to entice us.

Spring's personality invites waking up, moving forward, nurturing the body and mind in a way that awakens them.

It is a good time to plan, create action steps, and act on them. It's a good time to learn something new and nurture the parts of you that are awakening.

Spring, however, is not Summer. Summer is about excitement, finding the harmony between extremes, and expressing the joy of life in a very different way.

Enjoy the allure of spring while it lingers, smiles, and invites you to create change in your world.


Want to know about the different kinds of rabbits in Texas? There are three species and one hare in my area. Can you guess which one my little bunny is?

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