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Three Salads walk into a bar...

“Three salads walk into a bar…” that’s what the restaurant manager thought in his head the day my two friends and I met up for lunch.

When not a single one of us ordered an actual salad, he shared with us his initial “hit” when we walked through the door. We thought it was hilarious. We all laughed out loud. Quick to judge, and so off base with our burgers and sandwiches.

Or was he? On any other given day, he might have been right. On a beautiful spring day, we might have been indeed “three salads.” And truthfully, we all do lean more toward healthy eating, so he wasn’t really wrong.

This was years ago, but it’s such a great reminder that just because your intuition says one thing and the result isn’t “right”when you go confirm it - it doesn’t make it wrong either.

My friends and I *are* “three salads” in our inner nature, our personality designs are drawn toward natural ways of eating, living, creating…but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good burger, dessert or cocktail here and there.

So next time your intuition gives you a strong “hit”, just remember there’s truth in there or it wouldn’t have been that strong of an indication.

Trust yourself! Your inner compass guides you in a direction for a reason!

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