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Three Video Tutorials to Start Art

Working in small spaces, not sure where to start, and those pages that bleed to the back. So frustrating, right? I hear ya. It's scary to get started in a new journal, book, or coloring book. A few years ago I created a series of three videos to nudge the reluctant artist into diving into those new pages.

Hand bound tea dyed journal with pages ready to be filled.
Hand bound tea dyed journal I made years ago with pages ready to be filled.

And I'll share a little secret. As a journal and coloring book creator, my greatest desire is for you to use, enjoy and get something out of the pages. No matter what you fill them with - color, black and white, pen, pencil - it doesn't matter. What matters is your process in filling the pages with your energy.

Video Number 1 - Doodling

Let's get started with a simple technique on doodling to get past those first-page jitters.

Video Number 2 - Impressions (bleed-throughs)

Those dreaded bleed-through pages leave impressions on the back side of your paper after you have spent time coloring or doodling on the front of a page can ruin a person's day for sure. But what if - and I'm going out on a limb here - they were a blueprint for a whole new design? An opportunity to keep creating on purpose and half the work is already done for you! Check out this idea next.

Video Number 3 - Freestyle

Lastly, let's let go of a page needing to be anything in particular. Why not go freestyle on our doodles? It's a great way to loosen up any need to create perfection on a page.

Want more?

I created several tutorials for beginner meditative drawing and colorists as well as for enthusiasts wanting to know more. They might be a little dated in some ways, but given the amount of feedback I've gotten over the years, they appear to still serve their purpose - to inspire, motivate, and get you curious about what you are capable of.

Check out my YouTube Channel here.

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