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The Year of the Water Rabbit

In the Chinese Zodiac, Rabbit is the fourth symbol of twelve animals representing personalities, the energy of a year, and attributes and cautions for those who are curious about such things.

Rabbit can be characterized as kind, cautious, and hesitant. Rabbit is also smart, creative, thoughtful, and empathic. Friendships are important to Rabbit, and can sometimes get their feelings hurt due to the influence of emotion.

When adding the element of water, known traditionally by the color black, the energies of fluidity, adaptability, and tranquility are overlaid. You may find this year is also referred to as the Black Rabbit or Yin Water Rabbit (referring to the yin side of yin/yang).

When these are all put together the energy of the water rabbit then becomes a peaceful symbol of prosperity and longevity. But there can be some challenges with this energy as well such as making sure important decisions, actions and words are not reactive, but thoughtful. It’s a reminder to take a beat, and take a breath before jumping.

The year 2023, from this perspective, opens the potential for deep relief following an active year of the Tiger in 2022. You may find more introspection of being and thought and more reflection before making final choices. Rest may be a theme for you this year as well.

In my studies of Nine Star Ki (a Japanese system that relates to nature’s cycles), this year falls into my personal year of Water as a year to allow creative flow, restorative energy, plus internal and spiritual growth. There are overlaps in both studies that support rest and creativity.

Ironically, in the Vietnamese culture, this is the year of the cat “meo,” which is very close in pronunciation to the Mandarin word for rabbit “mao.” And both traditions have folklore surrounding the zodiac’s travels across rivers and using their smarts to get to the other side claiming their fourth position among the zodiac numbers of twelve.

No matter what tradition you follow, it is always interesting to investigate other perspectives – you just might find a lesson, a reminder, or permission to embrace change in ways you are already intuiting. I hope you’ll join me in embracing the peaceful creative energy available this year.

If you'd like to add a little water rabbit to your life, check out Rabbit's Wisdom, washi tape to add to your creative endeavors. Maybe this is your year to start a Wisdom Keeper. Here's some ideas on why you should keep a journal.

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