Cher has made some of her pattern studies through her photography and art available for purchase. Choose from digital images, prints, phone cases, mugs, tote bags, metal prints, wrap canvas and faux suede pillows (depending on availability of your country - the display will show what is available to your country). Items are shipped directly to you, and you too can share the love of the many adventures of art related topics, nature, tea, meditative moments and more.


Just another way to imagine sitting together quietly or in a social chat while we all share ("Cher") the fire, spreading the light, enjoying life.


And what's really cool, after you choose your image and product, you can hit the "edit" button and adjust the placement just slightly to make it perfect for you (for instance, you can move the image from the side of the mug to the center of the mug!).  

Check back often as Cher may rotate images available.