Guardian Dragonfly tea dyed and hibiscus

Guardian 8" x 10" Dragonfly

  • Guardian size, 8'x10", with original dragonfly art on the cover. Inside this book are tea-dyed pages with highlights of hibiscus. HIbiscus is a "fugitive" color that will change over time, like we all do, depending on the amount of light, heat and other mediums applied to the pages. You'll notice a change from deep magenta to pinks to purples to blues to blue-greys. When the colors finally settle, the pages will look like an old book, rather, a wisdom keeper. 

    Two built-in bookmarks, mindfully connect to the hand-sewn binding of the book, so they will never be lost and always ready to hold your place until your return.

    As with all the handcrafted books, a secret envelop inside the back cover holds a Certificate of Authenticity. And the inside pags are lightly sealed, ready to be opened by the new owner, as they will be the first (past the creator) to see the book in it's entirety.