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Learn how tea and creativity support each other in this experiential workshop.

About this Event

Creativity and experiencing tea both involve being inquisitive, allowing an inner unfolding as well as stepping into sensory perception. Join Cher Kaufmann, author, artist, and tea enthusiast as she shares how both worlds of tea and creativity partner and support each other. This is not an ordinary tea experience as we'll be exploring a fun approach to tasting different teas guided by inspired connections while enjoying and opening the creative mind.

About the Instructor

Cher Kaufmann, CA, LMT, MTI, is an author, artist, illustrator, instructor, inspirational presenter, massage therapist, certified aromatherapist, and budding tea enthusiast. Her greatest interest lies within the patterns of nature, people, places, and things and she is always learning.



Tickets: Not on current schedule - but check back! it will be offered again in the spring!


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