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Cher Kaufmann

"Art is representation.

A mirror of what you see, and a visual vocabulary of what you feel. Choose art that represents the subtle strengths, joys, and excitement found in nature. Add meaning to your life, and a reminder that nature is meant to surprise and thrill you, calm and soothe you and renew your spirit. Art directly from the artist shares the fire of the artist meant to ignite the light within you".

Cher Kaufmann

Choose a design to print on fabric and home decor. Order from my direct-to-you fabric printer, Spoonflower!

Find a Wisdom Keeper that resonates with you to start a log, planner, art book or journal. Make it special, make it important, make it yours.

Shop for your favorite Cher the Fire art in one convenient place for shirts, tea towels, Wisdom Keepers, books, washi tape, hats, stickers, hand-crafted collectibles and more.

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Surface Design



publications and collaborations

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How does your personality show through your creativity?

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Are you a Creative Warrior? Do you do your best work first thing in the day, do you love the outdoors, and like to organize your studio efficiently?

Firework icon_3x.png

Are you a Creative Firework? Do you find you are led by heartfelt inspiration,are you intuitive, and work best with many workstations?

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Are you a Creative Monarch? Are you sensitive to strong smells, prone to food sensitivities, and love to organize your studio so it feels good?

Creative Personality Discovery
& Self-Care Guide

Your creative style is

intricately entwined with your personality.


Your personality 

is a combination of what you think, believe, behave,

resulting in how and what you create.  

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Would you like to learn the language of your personality that intertwines nature, understandable patterns, seasons of time and life, ancient wisdom, and a system that is not Enneagram, nor taking a Myers-Briggs exam?

Be curious.

Discover the nature of creativity - your personality.


Download the 16-page Creative Personality Discovery and Self Care Guide


Grab a cup of iced or hot tea and a pen


Go through the check box lists for each personality to find yours.

This is NOT for those who think nothing will ever change or believe they are at the mercy of destiny.

This is NOT for those who believe they need their hand held every step of the way to create a magnificent life.

This is NOT for those who do not have a sense of curiosity, sense of awe, nor appreciation of the world.

This IS for you if you: are curious, possess a sense of wonder, love the seasons, feel connected to nature, love to explore the connections between science and mysticism, believe that people are meant to experience each other in different ways (and you want to know more about that), and want to know more about how all these things play a role in personality and the expressions of creativity. Oh, and also have an interest in the other ancient approaches to life, such as the Five Elements (don't worry if you don't about those yet!).

Disclaimer: The Creative Personality Discovery Guide is meant to enhance learning about oneself. It is not a substitute for mental health, professionally counseling, or proper medical care. If in doubt always seek a professional in the appropriate field.

"I love your presentation style - very clear and just the right pace."

Mary B.


"I learned more in the first ten minutes than in all the classes I've ever taken. You are very clear and I got what you were saying."

"I love your teaching style!"

Missesk V.

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